Do pine tree needles attract mosquitos?? Marlissa

Yes, fallen pine needles in your backyard or on your roof are a common breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Yard trimmings create a perfect place for mosquitoes to breed and hide in plain sight. Trimmed grass, fallen leaves and shrubs provide the cool, dark and damp environments that mosquitoes love, so it’s important that you actively manage your yard maintenance to avoid mosquito infestations.

Mosquitoes are one of the most well-known (and most hated) backyard pests known to man. They’re the bane of many a summer barbecue, and they can even just ruin a night inside your home. But even though they’re so common, many people don’t understand much about mosquitoes – which is why they can be so prevalent around the home.

Learn the Top Mosquito Misconceptions from Florida Pest Control.

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Wednesday, August 23 2017

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