how can i get free government money

Many persons have heard that the government will give you money for almost any reason. This is not true. can help you determine which kinds of government assistance you might qualify for and tell you where to apply.

According to, here are some facts about getting government assistance that some ads may not mention:

  • The government provides assistance through benefit programs that serve various important purposes, such as job training, nutritional assistance, education, health care and other needs.
  • In order to receive government assistance you must complete an application and meet specific eligibility requirements as outlined by each program.
  • Not all assistance programs provide cash payments. Assistance programs that provide payments may have conditions and limitations.

When looking for financial assistance, keep in mind there are differences between grants and loans. You are obliged to pay back a loan, often with interest while with a grant, you are not required to it pay back.

Your state's human service or social service agency may also be able to provide financial assistance or refer you to local community organizations for help.

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Thursday, February 27 2014