How do laws against false advertising promote the goal of Economic Equity?

Law fight against false advertising in order to promote economic equity by preventing unscrupulous business owners from telling falsehoods; promote economic equity by ensuring justice in the market.

The laws protect those who don't have the education or access to information that proves that an advertisement is false.

Economic equity is the distribution of assets, resources, and tax liability among the people in a nation or society that is considered fair and just.

Different societies have different perceptions of what is equitable, and these social and cultural norms shape the policies they will adopt to promote equity. Although there is a consensus that extreme inequality of income, wealth, or opportunity is unfair and that efforts should be made to raise the incomes of the poorest members of society, there is little agreement on the desirability of greater income equality for its own sake or on what constitutes a fair distribution of income.

Equity issues are especially knotty because they are inextricably intertwined with social values. Nonetheless, economic policymakers are devoting greater attention to them for a number of reasons. Read this publication: Should Equity Be a Goal of Economic Policy? from IMF Fiscal Affairs Department to know more.

Here's what economic equality looks like in America, featured on

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