How far apart are washers boxes supposed to be

Boxes are placed so the cups are 21' apart.

Playing the game:

Player A will toss their 4 pitching washers (one at a time) toward the opposite box followed by player B.

Scoring is determined after both players have pitched all of their washers.

Only 1 player/team may score per round but scores points for all washers that are closer than their opponents (a round is when each player has thrown all 4 washers). If player A has 2 washers in the box and Player B has 3 washers in the box then Player B will get 1 point.

The winner is the 1st team to reach 21 points. If team or player A reaches 21 and team/player B has yet to pitch their washers then B is allowed to finish the round in the hopes that they can get more points or nullify team/player A's points.

A "Skunk" can be called at 11-0 or what is called a "Whitewash" can be called at 17-2.

See's Washer "Box" Rules for more info.

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