How many people live in Greensburg IN

Greensburg is the largest city in Decatur County, Indiana. As of 2016, it has a population of 11,859.

Decatur County is located in southeast Indiana at the intersections of Interstate 74 and State Road 3. The County Seat of Decatur County is Greensburg.

The town of Greensburg is known as the “Tree City” for the over a dozen trees that have been growing out of the roof of the Decatur County Courthouse ever since 1870.

Early in the 1870's, citizens noticed what seemed to be a small sprig on the northwest corner of the Courthouse tower. Soon it became evident that the small sprig was growing. So too was interest in this phenomenon.

Residents regarded the growth as a rare freak of nature. That explanation was quickly refuted by the appearance of more sprouts on the tower. Finally, five were counted, making a small grove growing at an altitude 110 feet above the courthouse lawn.

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