How many points do u get for a touchdown in rugby?

Scoring a 'try' (similar to a touchdown in football) in rugby is worth 5 points.

Conversion: Similar to an extra point in football, this kick is taken after a try. Conversions are worth 2 points.
Penalty kick: Similar to a field goal in football. When a penalty is awarded, that team has the option of “kicking for points”. This kick is taken off of a tee, similar to a conversion, and similar to a field goal in football it is worth 3 points.
Drop goal: These kicks are taken in live play. A player drops the ball on the ground and kicks it as it bounces off the ground. It is very difficult and rare. Drop goals are also worth 3 points. Interesting fact: drop goals are still allowed in football for both field goals and extra points but due to the difficulty, this is rarely done. Doug Flutie (NFL football player) attempted one a few years ago on an extra point (he made it).

The objective of rugby is the same as in American Football: to advance the ball into the oppositions end zone, called the try zone. While a player scores a touchdown in American Football when he reaches the end zone, in rugby the player has to touch the ball down in the try zone to be awarded a try.

Blocking is not allowed in rugby.

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Friday, August 12 2016

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