How much does the philly phanatic make?

While exact figures for Phillie Phanatic are not disclosed, professional mascots make about $25,000 a year, and the best in the field can bring home a six-figure salary.

Philadelphia Phillies team charges $600 per hour for the appearance of their mascot - the green-toned creature with blue eyebrows and a bugle-like snout, named Phillie Phanatic. The price applies to private functions and there's a reduced rate for appearances at charity or community events.

Tom Burgoyne has been the Phanatic since 1994. Burgoyne started at $15 an hour. He is a Jenkintown native who was the Hawks' mascot and self-proclaimed class clown at St. Joseph's Prep.

See prices for renting notable mascots to private functions and corporate events below:

Of interest, the Phanatic head is so popular, somebody stole it in 2004 and Howard Stern tried to get it back. But it's not Burgoyne's head. He's only borrowing it. Another advantage to being a popular member of the Philliies organization: He also can just blend and be Tom Burgoyne, whose face hardly anyone equates with the Phanatic character. Read more at Yahoo Sports.

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