How much is hennessy in every type of bottle size you can get it in?

Hennessy prices differ a lot. In 17 states, the government directly controls the sales of distilled spirits. Revenue in these states is generated from various taxes, fees, price mark-ups and net liquor profits.

In North Carolina, general sales tax applies to on-premise sales only while Washington privatized liquor sales effective June 1, 2012.

For your reference, scroll through the pages below to view the liquor quarterly price list (November 2016/December 2016/January 2017) for Hennessy brands in NC.

For most recent listing, please visit North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission website.


If you're in an alcoholic beverage control state, you can view detailed price listing by visiting each state's control board. Links to go to their websites directly can be found at

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