How much is the painting the persistence of memory worth?

According to Contemporary Art Group, Inc., Salvador Dali's “Persistence de Ia Mémoire” (Persistance of Memory) retail price is $38,000.

Salvador Dali, a surrealist painter, is one of the most enigmatic artists of the twentieth century.

Sought after by art collectors, it is impossible not to recognize at least one of his paintings. His most famous canvas, painted in 1931, Persistence of memory is commonly referred to as the "Melting Clocks," and is currently in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. He captured images transcending from extraordinary fantasy to stupefaction, obsessive themes in which the universe is dominated by eroticism, sadism, scatology, and putrefaction, stepping on the fine line between genius and madness. His dreamscapes in vivid colors are morphological echoes, eccentric apparitions fueled by his megalomania and cult of personality. They are his dreams and nightmares on canvas.

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