how to reheat triple chocolate meltdown from applebees

While Applebee's did not publish the information on how to reheat their Triple Chocolate Meltdown, anecdotal sources suggest that you can reheat it using a microwave for about ten seconds to heat the chocolate on the inside.

As per, there are 980 calories in 1 order of Applebee's Triple Chocolate Meltdown; 52g fat, 125g total carbs, 15g protein.

Sometimes you just need some chocolate. When a craving for the gooey goodness kicks in, it’s definitely 'ok' to indulge. Plus, chocolate itself provides some disease-fighting antioxidants and heart health-promoting compounds.

Thankfully, there are slimmed down chocolate recipes, you can always feel good about getting your fix. Check out these 25 insanely delicious chocolate recipes that are still healthy from