I miss my ex girlfriend but am afraid to call her what can I do

One of the most difficult parts after a break up, especially if you want to get back together, is figuring out when you can call your ex girlfriend. Knowing what to say to your ex girlfriend can be kind of complicated and knowing what mode of communication to say it to her is an entirely different matter altogether.

Obviously, you'll need a semi-legitimate reason for calling your ex girlfriend. Did something good happen to her while you've been apart? Calling to congratulate your ex is always a good way to break the ice, whether she got promoted, graduated from school, won an award, or anything else.

If you're having trouble coming up with an excuse to reach out to your ex again, check out these examples of exact phrases you can use to instantly reconnect with your ex girlfriend.

Timing is everything, and for the best results you'll always want to call your ex girlfriend at exactly the right moment.

Never call your ex in the morning, because it's too hectic. The same thing goes for during the day: there are way too many things going on and your ex might rush you off the phone because she's too busy.

You don't want to call at dinner time either, for obvious reasons. So the best time to call your ex? Later in the evening.

When the day is winding down, your ex will be more vulnerable. She'll be too tired to keep her defenses up, and she's more likely to be honest during your conversation. The evening is also when your ex is most likely to be lonely... or thinking about you... or staring at the ceiling wondering about her life. A phone call is a lot more welcomed during these times, so keep that in mind.

A phone call is not the only way to in touch with her again. Check out other ways to contact your ex-girlfriend on ExGirlfriendRecovery.com.

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