I need my girlfriend back but I don't know if she will take me back what do I do

Some love experts suggest that you can try to make her realize she has made a mistake losing you, and have her chasing to get you back.

3 easy steps to win your ex-girlfriend back:

  1. Show your ex-girlfriend you are handling the breakup maturely and respectfully. For most women, there is no bigger turn-off than a guy calling constantly, begging and crying over the phone to get back together.

  2. Break all communication with her and give her some space in order to realize how much she misses you.

  3. Reconnect with her again and win her back. Simply start it off by a casual text message. After you initiate the contact again, keep your cool strong attitude. This is the last step and the final strike in order to get your ex-girlfriend for good.

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