If you tell your wish to someone after you wished at 11:11 does it still come true

Most people say if you tell a wish it won't come true. But anecdotal sources suggest that you can make a wish at 11:11 and if you tell someone else what you wished for at 11:22, :33, :44, or :55 your wish will still come true.

We also found that the spiritual answer to what 11:11 really means is that it's a moment in time for your soul to notice when the portal between the mortal and the immortal opens. That′s why they say, make a wish! Because the theory is that, when that moment in time occurs, your wish is that much more likely to be heard through that open portal, and granted.

Almost everyone has made a wish on a coin before dropping it into a well or before blowing away an eyelash, but where did those traditions come from? Find out how we came to make wishes at Mentalfloss.com.

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Thursday, April 06 2017
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