Is pewter (the metal) waterproof? Can i wear a pewter pendant in the water and it not tarnish?

We’re unable to find if Pewter is waterproof. However, according to, Pewter combines a mixture mainly of tin with other complementary metals. As long as pewter is a product manufactured in the United States, it will not contain lead and will, therefore, not tarnish over time.

The anti-tarnish feature of pewter makes it an ideal metal for jewelry because it takes little maintenance to keep pewter looking beautiful. Care for pewter jewelry with gentle cleaning techniques to maintain its quality and beauty.

Pewter jewelry should be kept away from sources of extreme heat and removed when working with any kind of chemicals. Pewter retains its polished surface longer if it is not worn while engaging in activities that can be hard on it, such as sports, heavy cleaning, or work that is tough on hand jewelry (if wearing rings or bracelets).

Cleaning pewter jewelry involves nothing more than mild soap, water, and a soft cloth. Pewter polish is available, but only a small amount should be used and as seldom as possible. When storing pewter jewelry, wrap items in tissue paper or a soft cloth to ensure they last a long time.

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