Is there a world record for the most crab legs eaten?

There is no world record for most crab legs eaten.

Here are some of Guinness World Records related to crabs:

Fastest human crab walk - 20m
The fastest 20 m human crab walk is 6.11 sec, achieved by Austin Keller (USA), in Brooklyn, Iowa, USA, on 17 March 2016.
Austin prepared almost every day in his physical education class, crab walking up and down the basketball court in order to strengthen his legs, hips and arms for the record attempt.
Largest collection of crab-related items
Darren Martin (UK) has a collection of 441 crab-related items, as of 9 March 2011, that he has been collecting for over 10 years. Dr Martin did his doctorate on Zinc and Cadmium in the haemolymph of the shore crab, Carcinus maenas. His work is summed up by his friends and family as 'Darren studied crabs.' His collection started when he was given a crab pencil sharpener. His website is
Largest crab cake
The largest crab cake is 136.08 kg (300 lb) and was created by Handy International Incorporated (USA) in Timonium, Maryland, USA, on 1 September 2012.
The crab cake used fresh Maryland blue crab meat.

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