My wife uses hairspray in the car, how do i remove it from the windows ?

Rubbing alcohol can help to remove hairspray from your windowpanes.

Just pour rubbing alcohol on a cleaning cloth or paper towel and wipe until the hair spray dissolves and is removed. Wipe with a dry cleaning cloth.

Anecdotal sources also suggest that you may try some warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Hair spray washes out when you shampoo so it is water soluble.

Having a clean windshield and windows is much more than just the appearance of a clean, well-kept car. It decreases driver fatigue and improves visibility, meaning safer driving. Cleaning your car windows sounds like an easy job but often you’re left with a messy, streaky finish that is more distracting and harder to see through than before.

If you use the right products and the right technique, you’ll be left with crystal clear windows. Heres how to clean car windows inside and out from

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