What are abiotic factors of the mesopelagic zone in the ocean?

In mesopelagic zone, abiotic factors include temperature and pressure.

Abiotic (non-living) as in abiotic factor, which is a nonliving physical and chemical attribute of a system.

Also called the twilight zone, mesopelagic zone is the layer of the ocean directly below the epipelagic zone. This zone extends to a depth of about 1,100 meters.

There is no plant life here, due to the absence of appreciable light. Life here must cope with more extreme conditions, including decreased temperature and increased pressure with depth.

Animals here include many cephalopods, such as squid and octopus. Because of the lack of plant life, many animals in this zone are predators, and must rely on hunting and scavenging for nutrition.

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Wednesday, October 25 2017
Source: https://sciencing.com/oceanic-zone-8592007.html