What challenges did labor unions have to overcome in order to achieve the main goals?

In order to achieve their main goals, labor unions had to overcome their differences in order to remain united, deal with hostile employers who attempted to stop all union activity, and face disapproval by the federal government.

The establishment of modern labor unions paralleled the surge of American industrial might in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The early forms of labor organization in the United States were largely mutual aid societies or craft guilds that restricted entry into a craft and enforced workplace standards, as was also the case in Western Europe.

It didn't raise too many hackles or cause too many hassles because craft workers were relatively few in number and most companies were small.

However, industrial development in the early nineteenth century slowly widened the gap between employers and skilled workers, so the workers began to think of industrial factories as a threat to both their wages and status.

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Monday, January 30 2017
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