What does egnoramoose mean?

The word "EG-NO-RA-MOOSE" can be found in the Cracker Barrel peg game. The complete line says:

Leave only one and you're genius, Leave four or mor'n you're just plain "eg-no-ra-moose".

The closest match we found is the word "ignoramus," which means an extremely ignorant person.

Almost everyone who has visited Cracker Barrel has played the Cracker Barrel Peg Game, a tradition of the restaurant since its inception. Deceptively simple, winning the Cracker Barrel Peg Game can be quite a challenge. There are over 7.3 million possible variations with only about 400,000 winning “genius” endings.

The game is played with fourteen pegs on a triangle shaped board, beginning with one empty spot. Like checkers, pegs are removed when jumped by another peg. The object is to have one peg remaining; this is called a “genius” ending.

Learn how to play the Cracker Barrel peg game here.

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