What is a free number that I can text to get some dirty talk?

Must Be 18:

There are no texting services which will connect you with someone else for free. All the texting numbers we could find charged either on a per text basis, or offered bundles of texts at some discounted price.

Another way to try to find a partner with whom to text some naughty messages is to use one of the many free social networking websites where you can search, or post "personals," for others interested in similar activities.

In particular we found one on LiveJournal called TextMe in which one can post messages looking for someone, or find numbers of others looking for texting partners (Note: not everyone is looking for dirty talk, some just want to chat, so be sure to read anyone's personal ad all the way through before texting something that may be offensive)

Most experts agree that there's nothing dangerous about sexting, and that it can be harmless recreation since there's no risk of pregnancy or STD transmission, as long as it does not become a obsession which causes one to lose interest in real life relationships.

Researchers at the University of Michigan observed the sexting habits of almost 3,500 men and women in the age range of 18 to 24 recently, in fact, and determined that sexting was very common among them. They also noted that sending explicit images or messages was not associated with risky behaviors.

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Thursday, August 23 2012
Source: http://textme.livejournal.com/