What is the currency for the dominican republic

The Dominican Peso is the currency of Dominican Republic.

The origin of the Dominican peso dates back to 1844, when it replaced the Haitian gourde, and was divided into 8 reales. Later on, in 1877, it was divided into 100 centavos.

Between 1891 and 1897 a second Dominican currency was issued, the franco, but it never got to replace the Dominican peso. However, in 1905 the US dollar did replace the Dominican peso on a rate of 5 pesos to one dollar.

On 21 February 1937 the Law n. 1259 was passed, which gave birth to the national currency, and which contained a series of regulations to ensure that Dominican coins and banknotes of all denominations were issued in reference to American currency. This monetary model was in force until 1975.

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Wednesday, September 20 2017
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