What's the best time to plant deer food plots in Jackson Mississippi?

Late winter and late summer are the most stressful times for white-tailed deer. Though don’t plant their food plots until later in the summer, experts suggest planting should be done during the first week of June. Doing this will allow crops to have a longer time to establish themselves.

Deer population are high during late summer and food quality is poor while the quality and quantity of food are low and fruits from oaks and other trees is scarce during late winter. These are the best times when deer can benefit from these food plots.

The type of food plot you are going to put in is also an important factor to consider. For example, arrowleaf clover, ladino clover ryegrass, oats and winter peas should be planted during the months of September, October and November. See different varieties of species that you can include in your food plot in a particular month at Wildlifemiss.org.

Jackson Clarion Ledger reports that arm months can be hard on herds and planting in spring will ease the stress of late summer. Find out more here.

Wednesday, March 19 2014
Source: http://msucares.com/pubs/publications/p2111.htm