when is the release date of ios 11?

The iOS 11 release date is today, Tuesday, September 19, and it's a big update for your current iPhone and iPad.

It's just a week after the iPhone 8 and iPhone X launch event. It comes out of beta after a four-month test phase.

As per Techradar.com, iOS 11 includes a couple of iPhone X-exclusive features that you won't find on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, or older handsets.

Apple is combining emoji with animations, and it takes advantage of the iPhone X's 3D face-scanning TrueDepth camera array. The result is Animoji, which tracks the muscles in your face to animate the emoji. All of your Messages texts will benefit (or suffer, depending on your view of expressive emoji).

Wide-ranging update is full of changes, but iPad benefits the most. Learn more about iOS 11 by checking this review from Arstechnica.com.

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