who's the guy who looks like Klay Thompson at the Warriors' game?

The superfan in attendance at the Golden State Warriors' season opener against the Houston Rockets, carrying a scary resemblance to Warriors guard Klay Thompson, is a Youtuber who goes by the name BigDawsVlogs.

Thompson's doppelganger showed up to Oracle Arena clad in a Warriors uniform with Thompson's name and number and effectively stole the show.

It didn't take long for Golden State's social media department to pick up on the lookalike in the crowd.

This isn't BigDawsTV's first appearance as Thompson's lookalike — he also showed up to Game 5 of last year's Finals in the Klay costume.

Klay Thompson's doppelganger who takes fandom to a whole new level is a social media fanatic.

He owns a Twitter - @BigDawsTv, Facebook and Instagram accounts which you can follow.

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