Why does the lead singer of korn wear a kilt?

Korn's lead singer Jonathan Davis wears them for fashion reasons. He also has Scottish roots.

As per MTV, you don't need a Scottish background to wear kilts. They can be worn with hiking boots, sandals, Doc Martens or no shoes at all, and come in many different colors, patterns and sizes.

Kilts have also been sported by some brave hearts like Axl Rose, David Byrne and Robbie Williams. Guy Ritchie and the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir both got married while wearing one; Ritchie's wife, Madonna, was apparently inspired enough to wear one on her 2004 tour.

Casual kilts have become increasingly popular as a daily alternative to the traditional kilt. Check out some tips about how to wear each style of outfit at Scotweb.co.uk.

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