wimbledon championship 2017 prize money

The winners of the men's and women's singles competition will received £2.2million each this year, increased from £2million last year. The overall prize pot stands at a cool £31.6million.

This is the 6th year in a row that Wimbledon has increase the prize money and the trend is set to continue to make sure Wimbledon stays the most lucrative tennis grand slam in the world.

Below is the complete breakdown of the entire Wimbledon 2017 Prize money pool.

Back in 1986 the total prize money pool for wimbledon championship was as little as £26,150 where the winners of singles mens and women event took home £2,000 each while runners up got a mere £800 for singles event. Since than total prize money pool has been increasing ever year and in 1984 it hit the million mark for the first time when a total of 1,46 million awarded in prize money.

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